About Us


Hi, I'm Analise Moran....

I'm a Strength and Conditioning Coach based in Leeds. I have been working in the Health and Fitness Industry for the past 12 years now and have specialised in sports coaching over the past 5 years. Becoming a strength and conditioning coach has been a life changing experience for me as I can pursue my passion for sports whilst working with athletes to help them achieve their desired goals.


Your success is my reward!! I have worked with various sports teams, locally and abroad, as well as individual athletes, including England International Women's rugby league players, Super League Teams (Castleford Tigers & Featherstone Rovers) and Farsely Celtic Women's Football Team. I am currently based at The Box S&C Training Studio in Leeds, but I also offer ONLINE & OUTDOOR training sessions - according to the individual's training preferences and needs. Variety is the spice of life, and I strive to keep my clients motivated and make the training sessions as interseting and varied as possible.

I'm also a former rugby player and a Level 2 IRB certified coach. I haven been engaged in this sport for over 15 years, playing both rugby union 7s & league. I believe that leading a healthy and active lifestyle helps you develop both physically and socially.

My main aim in life is to help you reach your targets and become a better athlete. However, our coaching is not only limited to athletes. We believe that every one is an athlete and can benefit from professional training and support to improve their overall health, lifestyle and wellbeing. Having a healthy body is beneficial, not only aesthetically, but also psychologically, as looking better on the outside will make you a more confident individual.

Looking forward to working with you in the near future....