Strength & Conditioning 

ONLINE COACHING - Custom 1:1 online coaching including training and nutrition designed for every individual's needs and goals. 

We also offer outdoor and face to face coaching based sessions on request (prices vary accordingly) as well as various packages tailored to suit each client's individual goals, needs & requirements.

Packages Types:

Sport Specific - Fitness, Strength & Conditioning

General Strength & Endurance Training

Fat Burn & Weight Management 

Customised Training and Nutrition Plans

Full Price Packages include:


Body composition / Fitness / Strength testing

Goal setting

Customised training sessions & nutrition guidelines

Food & training journal review

Online support and motivation

Rates and Services (Terms and Conditions Apply)*

Train with your friends for a cheaper price

(*small group rates apply for 2-4 ppl training at the same time).

Contact me for more info.